SIP BC Homes

Consider an SIP BC home…

• Needs less heat

• Gives more comfort

• Built to last generations

• The lowest cost home to own

IMAGINE … a home so well-insulated and optimized for air exchange that it exceeds the energy efficiency of “code built” homes by over 200%. That’s a SIP BC home.

SIPs are an excellent choice to meet the needs of our Canadian climate. Coming home and cooking dinner from scratch is the heat for the evening for a size-efficient SIP home in the cold of winter.

SIP BC can specify full mechanical, including everything to service the home and deliver an energy balanced system. This is where the choice of being off-grid or “net zero” is realized as being attainable within a budget that has a defined payback and makes common sense fits your budget.

Living in this home you’ll be wowed at the absolute comfort.  You’ll breathe excellent quality air any time of the year and there will be no cold drafts when the winter winds blow.

SIPs have been around for decades and have been proven to be superior in energy efficiency, earthquake resilience, resistance to mold and thermal comfort.

They solve the building need for insulation and strength more cost-effectively than any other building product combination.

• We customize your home plans for SIPs

• Or choose a pre-designed SIP BC Home Package

When you buy a SIP BC Home Package, you have input over the design but we take care of optimizing the mechanical (heating and ventilation system) and the structure comes ready-to-assemble.

SIP BC Homes go up fast and last long

When you can go from foundation to lock-up in as little as one week, you’re months closer to living in a home that will be comfortable for generations.

As B.C.’s mandatory EnerGuide ratings are on the way we can deliver the minimum rating of 80 and save your project money.

If you are motivated to improve the payback of your building it also makes sense to thicken the walls to R32 or R40 and have the building approach EnerGuide 90.

We have mastered near-zero thermal bridging details for window and door supports to cure the last of the weak points in the SIP building shell.

A SIP BC home is a comfortable, well-designed and energy-balanced home that will save its occupants money for generations.