Let SIP BC provide a whole home solution to improve your living environment, increase structural strength, and save time, money and energy.

GREENER – STRONGER - FASTER Insulate yourself from the ever-rising costs of heating and cooling with STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANELS from SIP BC, delivering COMFORT and PEACE of MIND from FOUNDATION to ROOFTOP. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are the perfect start to a full system solution to take you as far as net zero energy. From foundation to rooftop all of our components create an energy savings payback. SIP BC can provide a full system “design, supply and install” service for all of your building needs. Contact SIP BC today for a no-cost quotation for a complete SIP Building System.

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Our services help make your dreams a reality. From new home planning, and 3D design, to panel fabrication, transportation, and installation including crane services, SIPs BC can manage your home design - build process.

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Choose from single, two-story or three-story homes. We can also provide custom designs and adapt your existing plans to be more energy efficient with our insulated panel. We also do garages, sheds, and commercial buildings.

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